THIS is Daily Aspire!

Hi! I’m Katie and simply put, Daily Aspire is a manifested dream.

Okay, but really what is Daily Aspire?

Daily Aspire is your daily journal prompt. It’s your inspiration, your focus, your tool to manifest the dreams and life that stands before you.

They always say one of the habits of highly successful people is morning journaling. Quite frankly, I don’t care if your time is in the morning with a cup of coffee or at night once the kids have gone to bed. Do what works for you, what keeps you coming back, and what keeps you taking this time for yourself.


How did this come about?

I could give you the whole backstory but I think I’d lose your interest as my stories have a tendency to drag on or fall into tangents. Instead I’ll give you the cliff notes version.

In October 2014 I quit my job in the music industry, bought an RV and hit the road, traveling the country raising money for charity. There were many ups and downs that came with that trip and at times I felt completely lost and alone.

I knew the power of journaling daily but had a hard time making it a habit. I felt like if I sat down to write, it would be the same thing every day. I felt like I needed guidance, direction, and well thought out prompts and/or questions to make me think and really look inward about what I want, need and aspire for in life. Despite my efforts, I didn’t feel like I was finding the tool I needed and as such, the dream that will now be known as Daily Aspire was born.


So who am I?

I’m a dreamer who shoots for the stars, overfills her to-do list and works her tail to the bone to make everything happen. I succeed, I fail and my friends always tell me “Don’t worry, Katie, you always figure it out and end up on top!” It’s one of the best and worst things I’ve ever heard. And I’ve heard it a lot.

I am from a suburb of Chicago but moved to Grand Rapids, MI late 2015 for a job doing social media marketing. I still feel like I’m getting settled here and while I miss my friends and family back home, I’ve lived all over this country (Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, and now Michigan) and know there are friendships that survive time and distance.

I started blogging over 5 years ago (Talk Less, Say More) as a way to document my journey through life. That blog has manifested in many ways over the years as I have as well and while I’m still over there, this is a very different space.


I am excited to see where this year takes us; now let’s enjoy the ride together!

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